Shenzhen Metro Map English

Shenzhen Metro Map English

What makes Shenzhen Metro so user Friendly

Shenzhen City [Guang Dong] south of china has undergone radical changes both in Commercialism and infrastructure development, Not more than 40 years previously Shenzhen a fishing village area only mode of transportation were boats by fishermen, everything was this mode of transport


Shenzhen Metro Map English

In the early development stages the father of this renewed idealistic and important turnaround was the well-known politician Deng xiao Ping, some call him a visionary, but I call him a realist,

This was the only way the go with Hong Kong breaking then strategic hub the rest of Asia and pan Asia. It doesn’t take a scientist the work out that if you want a piece the big pie or be in the game you need the get on board

Dengxiao Ping saw, understood and initiated this crucial move to take china into the Future, to become a mega economy in the south

Development of the ”Water City” [fishing village took was also supported by China merchants bank, the and a few others that invested well in this revolutionary vision and realism.

They today own a huge chunk of Shenzhen with developments in Nanshan in particularly, Futian too.

CMB was not just a bank there were a development company, among other things later tracking int the financing.


Transportation Development and Growth

Metro: Shenzhen Metro Map English

      • Much later as the City grew it was a huge project to build the metro systems and connect the city, its financial areas, business and future project plans [the greater bay project currently in development]


      • Shenzhen Metro Map English


    • Buses Upgraded from petrol and diesel to cleaner electric hybrids, now all are electric, new and provide an effective and
      efficient service. Buses serve as a secondary mode of transport, the turn of priorities for speed and direct link has pushed the metro systems the Pole position, cheaper too over the distance you travel.


Recorded Numbers on Metro

A Highest recorded commuters of 6.63 million people on July 12 boarded the system, unheard-of before this signifies the importance of the metro system and its vital mode of travel the support the city’s workers and business.

Shenzhen metro services are 2nd the none and super effective, clean and runs like clockwork

Hubs at specific points make travelling around the entire city easy, this is now a growing network, bringing the suburbs and outer perimeters inline with necessary and required services for out of  city workers. Currently another 2 are in readiness and will be in use 8th August 2020.

New Locations and Connecting lines

#Line 6: This 20-stop
line will start at Shenzhen North Railway Station and run through Longhua, Guangming and Bao’an districts. Five of the stations will be underground and 15 will be elevated. The metro line the open August 8th 2020,


Interchangeable with Line 4, 5, 11, 13 and 15 as well as Dong-guan Metro Line R1 and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high speed rail.

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Shenzhen Metro Map English

shenzhen metro Lines


#Line 8: The first phase of Line 8, expected finished in 2021, will connect Luo-hu with Yantian district, starting from Liantang the Yantian Lu Station. When completed Line 8 makes much access the Dameisha, Xiaomeisha and Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East).perfect for Seaside and exploration followers

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Shenzhen Metro Map English


#Line 10: This subway line will connect Futian Checkpoint with Shuangyong Jie Station in Longgang district. The total length of the line is 29.3 kilometres, with 24 stations. Bringing Direct relief the Line-4 weight of traffic .

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Shenzhen Metro Map English

Extension in Current Lines

#Line 2: Will extend eastwards from Xinxiu the Liantang to connect Line 8’s ~ (1st phase project)

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Shenzhen Metro Map English


#Line 4: Eight stations will be added onto the northern terminus of Qinghu: Qinghu North, Zhucun, Qiankeng, Changhu, Guanlan, Songyuanxia, Mission Hills and Niuhu. Golfing fanatics now you’ll have an easier way the get up north!

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Shenzhen Metro Map English


#Line 9: The west extension of Line 9 is set the open at the end of this year. It will extend westward from current terminus Hongshuwan South station, passing Shenzhen Bay and ending at Qianwan Station. The total length of the line is about 10.8 kilometres with 10 additional stations on the track.

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Shenzhen Metro Map English


Relief is crucial as these are now severely overburdened and over-subscribed, work areas along these lines cannot continue, people are not getting the work no matter how early they leave for work, simply the volume is high.

I live in the Long gang area now moved in March 2020 from futian city area, to me it doesn’t matter as I work as a blogger and writer, so I don’t need the travel in peak hours only as I require the complete important aspects of living in china.

The work on these new metro lines have been in force over 5 years finally reaching the big open day in August.

Additionally, these new lines have linked the underpasses that connect the new development residential and commercial building concerns. There is considerable thought and planning that is involved in this I have to admit.


Due the Weekend Demand: Shenzhen Metro Map English

Shenzhen metro now extended its hours of service for two popular routes

The business and social awareness of the metro services is a direct reflection of a growing need and to act by supporting the demand.

Users are active over the weekends socialising into the early hours. Line 2 and 3, are popular as they run along the heavily subscribed residental developments, and good proximity to the CITY for city workers, this interconnection and hub is therefore significant and key transferring  connectors from Futian city area.


Changes the available hours on Line 2 and 3 Will be:


Shenzhen Metro Map English


The suburbs is evident and house prices are reflecting these changes, businesses are also rising faster than in the past 5 years.


Announcements and Advisories on Trains

Daily educating measures are introduced into your travel,

Trading- begging- drinking- eating or carrying anything that is regarded as explosive or can cause panic, Balloons are a common one.

Not Allowed

Reminders on using headphones with devices and video use, Constant monitoring is done to ensure everyone adheres to the rules security guards patrol the train every exit and entry period.


  • Masks are a must During covid-19 on Public Metro systems


Cutting Edge Technology on Metro Systems

Being the next Biggest Hi-tech Solution and Location of the word, Boasting Companies: Tencent, Huawei. Shenzhen is incorporating its New generation technology and data services the residence and business travellers across the metro Infrastructure, 5G will be available as new lines are completed perhaps sooner



The aftershock of the corona-virus in china has done little to curb the onward development of the city and its future dream plans. It appears the Chinese People and government see this as a stage, an experience and just another incident in their history and growth

But whatever the results they have proved that a ”strict measures outside of our box’ way of thinking or acceptance works whether we like it or hate how it is executed.