Shenzhen Shopping,Top Malls and Shopping Centers

Shenzhen Shopping – Top Iconic Malls


Shenzhen is regarded by many in China as one of the forerunners in Shopping Malls and International Products, lifestyle, quality, international prestige, spending power, big brand names and Tip Top hotels and restaurants. Level of living and of course wages has risen exponentially for those securing work and jobs, also for buying their first homes in this metropolis city.

chinese4idiots: Tips and Guide. Welcomes you to The New Gateway of Asia

Welcome to Shenzhen!


Shenzhen What’s There!

Located one the southernmost part of China is Shenzhen, A short transfer from Hong Kong

For the Discerning travelers Wanting Shopping experiences of a lifetime also seeking comfort, style, together with good service personal needs and wants,

Starting with these three main areas of Shenzhen I recommend the following Fab Places to not be disappointed


  1. Luo hu – MixC Mall
  2. Futian – Children’s Palace and Moi, Shopping Park
  3. Bao-An Center – Uniwalk
  4. Nanshan Shekou – Hai shang shi jie


Luo’Hu – Mix’C Shopping


MixC Smart shopping Luohu

Mix’C in Luo’hu District


MixC shoppers Delight



This Huge Mall with products from shoes, bags, clothing, personal care, Unique Collections as gifts and good Restaurants and more

This is the City Area in fact, Only a stones though from the Famous D ‘Wang Building, and Newer Ultra Modern XING D ‘WANG Building

On certain days pay to see the view from the tops of these buildings which is magnificent.




Metro – GREEN -[ Luobao ] Line1

To Hong Kong – Cost 2yuan Luohu port or Futian port – Travel time Approx 10min

To Bao an International Airport – 7 yuan – 45min – Bus transfer 10 min





Bao'an Ambitious 21st Century Design Mall


These are the most accurately represented areas that travelers find safe, comfortable, meets expectations, and provides entertainment at night and shopping during days.


Bao an Shopping center



Newest part of City of Shenzhen is Bao’an in the western area, was once regarded as simple lifestyle and low cost area has transformed into a thriving fast development attracting business men and women, entrepreneurs intellectuals.


Now established prominently with the futuristic Government investment  Plans in The Greater Bay Initiative program, which aims to link Macaw, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen in a Mega metropolis and central hub of Asia. Replacing Hong Kong it is Believed.


Bao’an continues to compete with Modern style and resources, infrastructure, homes, eateries, bars, parlors, shopping malls proudly supporting big names like Prada, Christine Dior, , quality and good service galore.



Uni-walk Shopping Mall

Uni walk Shopping Mall Bao an

Dragon of  Bao’an Shopping Mall


Bao an's Shopping Mall Silver Ikon Statue

Chinese Mythical Dragon

Legend says that it was combined from 9 Creatures


In the Beginning this Icon of china of worship, then regarded as a Magical god, then finally a combination of power of the country and its emperor male only family are the select one’s entitled to wear the dragon’s emblem on their garments which represented the power of the current ruling Emperor.


Current time the dragon is considered as a metaphor for the Chinese nation

This Dragon is sited outside the front of the Bao’an Shopping mall making it all seem even more impressive and well thought out


Shenzhen Shopping till you Drop – Classy Stylish Iconic Malls Like this one is Magnificent in all forms.





Metro – GREEN -[ Luobao ] Line 1

To City – 5 yuan Travel time 35 min from the City center – Direct line

To Bao an International Airport – 2 yuan – 15 min – Bus transfer 10 min

Metro – Line 5 – Shenzhen-bei [north]




Sea World [ 海上世界 ] – Nanshan, Shekou

Welcome to Shekou Shopping and social experience


Shenzhen’s Earliest Development for travelers since 2005 is Sea-world now with much improved infrastructure

  • Easy access from Hong Kong Central by ferry Bus 40 min ride
  • Easy access to Hong Kong Airport direct link fast access
  • Access to Zhuhai


Shekou Goddess

Half Snake half Human Goddess, Legend  states that Goddess Nvwa [ 女娲 ] – To prevent World disaster, She created from Five Color rocks merging them together by fire to fill the hole that appeared in the sky

女娲补天 Located: Shekou Shopping and Entertainment Area

The Ming Hua

Ahoy me Hearties! – Climb Aboard the Ming-Hua Docked Ship

Sited and beautifully Refurbished this Decommissioned Cruise Liner” sits in the middle or Shekou



French Minghua Docked Display Cruise Ship



This Unique Ship is a great way for sightseeing visitors to view displays and the surrounding Shopping areas, also a primary meeting place, the Minghua decks provide entertainment and amenities for the most discerning of visitors – relaxing viewing Deck areas, on-board hotel, Live band club ”ECSTASY”, Indulge in nail and face parlors, wine and dine into the late hours


  • The area boasts, quiet walks around the peninsular and gardens, if you feel little sprightly and energetic you can hire ‘ tandem too”
  • Weekend Musical Aria’s and Water displays around the docked ship, a menagerie of Restaurants and foods for all taste beginning with salads, seafood, BBQ and specialist cuisine, to personalize your mood and night-life.
    • Shekou metro connects directly to the main Thoroughfare, hosting coffee shops Starbucks, Aix Coffee, Ladies essential shopping Center experiences,, underground and above ground malls and 5 min walk to the metro and the City Center in 35 min



Ship like feature restaurants of Shekou

Nearby Nanshan Mountain

Nanshan mountain offers varied level or walks and resting areas along the mountain path, eating posts and viewing areas,

Shekou metro connects directly to the main Thoroughfare, hosting coffee shops Starbucks, Aix Coffee, Ladies essential shopping Center experiences,, underground and above ground malls and 5 min walk to the metro and the City Center in 35 min




Metro – Orange -[ Chiwan] Line 2 To City – 5 yuan Travel time 35 min

To Bao’an International Airport – Change to line 1 – 5 yuan – 35 min – Bus transfer 10 min

Change to Metro Line 5 – Shenzhen bei [north] 30 min



Futian – 福田


Moi New Furbished Mall in Futian Shenzhen

Moi – Complete Systemic Refurbishment is in Futian, Shenzhen


Tightly Grouped and respectable collection of interesting places to see and enjoy lies in the heart of Futian, Art Center, Inside the Civic center history of Shenzhen with its fending off attacks by the British and other countries threats,



Moi Tip Top quality, Shopping at it's best




Metro – Orange -[ Chiwan] Line 2

To City – 2 yuan Travel time 15 min from the City center – Direct line

To Bao’an International Airport – Change to line 1 – 5 yuan – 35 min – Bus transfer 10 min

Change to Metro Line 5 – Shenzhen bei [north] 30 min

Whats Else to See?


  • Book City and Library: is all part of the infrastructure and setting of the place, English books to purchase.
  • Astonishing Display: Weekend Fri – Sun: Light Performance of Civic and surrounding buildings.
    For the young one’s entertainment shows, interactive games and movies in the Cylindrical building called Children’s Palace, a few min walk from Children’s palace Metro,
  • Lianhua Park: is 10 min walks or 2 min metro ride] on the top of the mountain is Statue of Deng Xiao Ping the visionary leader of China, also Boat rides on the lake and Kite flying area.
  • Metro to Shopping Park and Central walk: are a shopper’s paradise both are connected by walkways and you can easily forget which one you enter as you are wandering around, offering everything to eat and shopping, Proudly showing the Ping’an Building [Tallest In Asia ] with its prehistoric Museum secreted below the building, an array of international prestigious and recognized 5 star hotels Marco polo, Shangri-la, Hilton and other establishments to try out, many offer salsa evenings, wine tasting and personal excursions of the city at night and so forth.
  •  Convention and Exhibition Center: for those seeking alternative activities in business and new product possibilities, entry tickets can be obtained online or by hotel reception staff



Getting About In Shenzhen – Using the Metro System

Shenzhen Metro Map:


Traveling China in Particular Shenzhen:

Is never going to be a mistake, Shenzhen City as well as many others with their wealth of activities, WOW cultural venue, shopping, Foods and cuisine, business markets Huaqiang bei and intercity connection by bullet trains and reasonable priced Flights to many frantically exciting and visually stimulating cities outside of Guangdong is staggering. Experiencing ‘real china” and its sometimes quirky, quaint even historically ”story – like” perception of life is riveting and shockingly surprising at the same time.







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      hello DreaJay
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    • admin says:

      hello Vasilij

      appreciate the comments, and yes zhuhai is only about 1hr by ferry or a little longer by bus

      Zhuhai International Circuit is located at Jin Ding town in Zhuhai City

      i haven’t visited the event to be honest but the city is worth the visit for sure as is shenzhen


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