Single Entry Visa China

Single Entry Visa China

10/09/2020 0 By christopher

Chinese Visa Update 2020


Chris in Shenzhen

I am Chris traveling in China on a 2-year travel visa, since December 2019 the time of the outbreak from china’s Wuhan city. now i am provided with a Single Entry Visa China, and for how long this will continue is anyone’s guess

China has closed Borders to foreign Nationals following the virus Covid-19, As it seems a resulting returning visitors and Chinese citizens have reignited the Virus that has in some ways been modified Concerns have plagued Beijing, shanghai, and Shenzhen big cities, which have taken firmer and drastic steps to quell or remove all possibilities of further infection to China and its community since the recent development of new infections that came to light


Single Entry Visa China

Expats and Travellers on Travel Visas

Residing in Shenzhen and NOT able to travel to other countries without the obligatory quarantine period of 14 days, so I have elected to stay local, visiting everywhere that offers interesting and cultural insights

In fact, there is no better place to stay from a safety aspect, Strict measures and policies are in place, though slackening off in other ways.

Cov-19 is under control and SZ government social and commuting monitoring is focused on keeping it that way, so no one to put a spanner in the works.


Visa Extension (permanent resident]

Single Entry Visa China

My Visa is now in its expiry period some 9 months later.

Monthly 30 days Renewals began, now extended to 6 weeks.

All (PSB) visits require making an online appointment, or you will not gain access to enter the PSB [public service Bureau]

Costs for each visit is payment via WeChat or zhi fu bao app, 160 RMB per renewal, it’s not Cheap but it assists in keeping me officially registered while on Chinese Soil.

Seeking Info: Single Entry Visa China

Seeking info from the UK and from China is pretty Vague, as different circumstances come into play. I have the assistance of my GF who can unravel the Chinese policies that can be
daunting and frustrating.

Other Foreign Nationals in China

Single Entry Visa China

Groups are also in the dark about what is really the best way and now to approach the visa requirements, I see questions and answers flying around online. Some with authority in the matter

Others assuming or predicting, however after further investigation I found it incorrect. So it’s ”horses for courses situation and I don’t rely on these for my answers, what should be a common issue and solution turns out very different, a paradox indeed.

Visa China:

Visa and Entry permits to China in September 2020

My recent inquiry has given a response to validate the current status of foreigners outside of china but holding valid visas or permits for entry.

Single Entry Visa China


Access to China:

Access is not permitted unless certain special extenuating business circumstances exist

Hong Kong

Not issuing any visas currently until further notice by the Chinese government

Hong Kong Visa Inquiry

My persistence to get an answer was directed to HK agency in Kowloon, this took nearly 1 month to get a reply.


Read on below

We are sorry for the late reply as our office is temporarily closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Our inquiry service in Wechat (FBT-china visa) & WhatsApp (+85296094641) remains in operation.

With effective from 28 Mar. 2020, China has temporarily suspended entry into China by the Foreign Nationals who are still holding valid visas or resident permits.

Only under the following conditions, you may try to apply for China visa:

1. Invitation letter
issued by Foreign Affairs Office due to the following reasons:

a) urgent business in relation to the public interest

b) important business activity of the country/province/city

2. Humanitarian reason (e.g. attend the funeral or critical ill of your family member)

For any inquires, please contact us

Best regards,


This is a sit and waits it out scenario, but there are the worst places to be waiting, Shenzhen is still open in many respects to travel locally.

I am sure when all this settles down we will look back and appreciate what we have and how lucky the rest of us have been in 2020