South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

Informative News: China and International.

SCMP delivery of real Live, honest reporting and impressively enough an international standing with good quality writing from respectable journalists. This is the only news online I used to gauge my view of china from a Chinese and international perspective.


Most worldwide view of China is that everything is restricted and censored, maybe that is the case in many situations but I would hope from my reading of this source and my living in china that it delivers a closer reflection of what I have experienced over a period of years.


I have lived and worked in china on and off since 2005, my experiences are varied as I had to change my employment and status on many occasions, So over a period of 10 years I have gathered experience that are hands on not from passed on sources.


My Experiences China

chris early days china


  • BackPacking in the early years
  • As a teacher for EF school and Cleverlearn in nanshan shekou
  • Owning a home in china shenzhen, selling and buying in Shandown [opposite Taiwan]
  • UK business E-commerce training between china and uk
  • Writer blogger


These are crucial experiences in appreciating the system and its quirky governmental rules, [that changes by the day I might add]

Traveling To China Cities and Island

Beijing, hong kong, shanghai, shandong, yangshuo, henan,hunan,changsha, guilin, Dalian, beihai, hainan and haikou on the island of Hainan

Driving 2,000km in China

Having even considered the stupid experience of driving 2,000 kilometers to both shandong weihai, and four months later to Hainan with 2 dogs that ended tragically for the dogs

Promoting in China

Attending functions and events to promote companies and participate as a representative ‘face” socializing.

There has been times I would grimace about and complained of course but in the majority the experiences and being placed in tough situations helped to carve the man you are reading about here.

Sacrifices UK

Home, Job, past contacts, friends, family and relatives are the most difficult Sacrifices in uk for my Chinese new life and lifestyle, though costly

I reflect that they were worth the investment and moral trials, not to mention the wider view of Asia and china being that I have also visited Malaysia seen petronas tower and the city, Singapore Raffles,

Chinatown and the city, Australia, Canberra and Sydney, renewed my visa while visiting 6 months in Canberra, Hong kong, Lima islands, a suprise boat ride to Tai’o’ village in celebration of my Birthday on lantau island with a great friend.

Currently 2020

My residential circumstance is resident Permit in Shenzhen, since the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan Dec 2019, the worldwide spread in 2020 has locked down travel for everyone and rightly so to reduce the spread of the virus and its death rate.


long gang views shenzhen

long gang views shenzhen

I have managed to move apartment in early march 2020, surprisingly it was uneventful and now issues in transferring between homes as anticipated. I live in Long gang, in the north-east of shenzhen city, where I resided over on year with a Turkish friend and his Chinese Girlfriend,

A good relationship we had, how worked for a Chinese company in development and sales of speakers, his girlfriend an artist and creative impressive to watch her create super photos and drawings, she even loved knitting passionately every evening was spent doing this as a therapeutic means she told me.

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Friends Depart China Traveling the World

Cem and Miu as they were named packed up after several years planning to get abroad and do the backpacking thing, they started in Lao, India, and have been moving since even restrictions are in place they work and travel.

His Amazon shop sells essential oils developed from a Turkish professor and his wife, his preparation to set this up prior to making the backpacking travel has worked out well, it’s fully functional and automated. Check these quality products that are certified and internationally marketed <<<<coolcowoils>>>

Coronavirus Security China

As the virus lock down is becoming relaxed in china I have been able to do more though localized, I have found with my girlfriend places I would not have otherwise encountered, she is very organized and informative on anything Chinese and governmental, [being a party member] but not actively now.

Charlie has strong characteristics as a Chinese I find that surprising, empathy, sympathy, pragmatic and meticulous, listens and responds with more than opinions but supporting information on any topic we discuss, a rarity in my time living and traveling china.

Weekend 7-8th June


Li Shi Zong Ci

Li’s Ancestral Hall

Located and planned to check out a historical family home residence in our vicinity, this was a great treat and surprise to me to find this kind of history in a localized area with modern buildings popping up everywhere, be it on the outskirts of shenzhen city

Important families had their own ancestral hall, where they used for consecrating the family ancestors

This Hall is traditional building and structure and though in need of work on the perimeter it offers an honest insight of the times of Qing dynasty, how the master managed the residence and how it was used as a place of special meaning.


Its Internal Community was protected with high walls perhaps 9 feet tall, 2 battlements for deflecting intruders were sited diagonally from each corner of the residence, each tower was designed to offer a high point for shooting or whatever methods they had at that time


The DESIGN was over one block in length and all internal buildings are one floor high except the master with a 2nd floor, The community was made up of servants and delegates to act on the behalf of the master.

As it stands now these homes are still in use, however new metal security doors are replaced from the wooden ones of past times. Inner roads that interconnect with each row of living quarters were wide enough to perhaps walk a good size barrow, with paved streets ”hutong’. Similar to what you may see in Beijing’s outskirt town area

Art Decor

Art and pictures painted on archways and inner hall, a congregation area for meetings, ceremony and important gatherings

On the outer Wooden doors x 4 of the Residence are embossed door handle rings [depicting the owners seal]



The emphasis on feng shui was apparent and a strong belief in better things in life and longevity, this was by way of a good size water pond outside the front gate where wild ducks and birds gather to play today

On closer look i see these ducks are clipped so as not to fly away. But much has been done to make them comfortable and fed.

Who says lock down means locked out? we see things as negative when it is not necessary the case.



My time as a traveller and world resident person, I have taken great interest in cultures and its failings and strengths

nothing is perfect nor will it be as you expect, we come from different aspects and upbringing as internationals,

This will always have challenge, moments of dismay and certainly considerations, but to regret my actions to date.

I would not Entertain the thought, it has no place in my perspective of CHINA, UK or any county i was fortunate to visit.

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travel and enjoy the world secrets and charm


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