Strength in a Family

Strength in a Family

A Period to Forget!

It has been a turbulent period in my life as it was with my kin, siblings, and extended families,


Growing up in a faraway country with one other sibling, both separated from early years, living in different towns yet the same City is not a happy reliable family environment. No negatives against Mum she did her very best and we are forever grateful.


Adapting Is Not an Option

We saw a world that didn’t care, didn’t even know we existed, it was purgatory, feeling wanting simply to be part of a family. Instead of having to accept life as it was, we either bend or break in this wasteland, in many ways both occurred, it was part of our environment there was no strength in a family unit here.

However, God alone knows how we managed to adapt, I expect this has left unwanted chinks in our character and personality. I also know of the cliche’,  kids adapt, bounce back, and survive, in one aspect it is true, however, the  personal trauma, love and care deprivation, and added loneliness cuts deep with lifetime unwanted effects, a significant chasm in our psyche’

Better late Than Never

Only now, much later in life, we come to convince ourselves the best way forward was embracing the past we navigated without supporting family we look to for guidance and warmth.

I am awed how we managed to become more, in an alien environment we suddenly were introduced into, For the 1st time facing and connecting with our family in the UK. Kin was ”strangers” at first, yet in time our younger siblings reflected the unique importance of family life and acknowledgment.


This is indeed a complex topic and worst still a history that would in reality require a Bible size book to express its entirety. So condensing and relaying to the ”global family” is what I attempt to achieve today.

My yardstick for measuring experiences that were denied me will assist in this post  ”THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY”

Let Us Begin

Can you really claim to understand the importance of a family structure?
what to expect in value terms, the significance of being part of a family, its profound benefits, collective wealth, and social reach?

My View

I for one see it as a holistic experience of good, bad, bitter, and sweet, trials and tribulations, Yet oddly a springboard to quality in life, Driving a need to be assertive, finding direction, and purpose.

Being loved is incomparable to anything in life, it can never be regarded as a commodity, never be bartered, compromised, or transferred unwantedly, it is not for sale!

Seeing is Believing

I watch the changes in our world and wonder how is it that as a family of humans, we promote pain and suffering, yet here we are still surviving.

To what end I ask myself, surely there must be a reason designed or destiny purpose.?

We are a family but an estranged one, disconnected, singular in thinking, selfish in wants, show little mercy to others, deny responsibilities at the drop of a hat.

Our World Family

Our family, Africa, Yemen, China, Indonesia, South America, Eastern Europe, India, Vietnam, are just a few on a list requiring so much support from the Family, yet what is happening, part of the family responds, while the other scratches their heads, discuss why and what, or look to benefit from the situation.

Our Siblings

Our siblings are suffering even dying on that list of countries, but the family as a whole sit around and  ponder, They can’t agree on an effective resolve execution or faster plan,

The phrase ”if you’re not in the kitchen how can you know how hot it is” pops into my mind immediately.

Mum and Dad are squabbling, brothers, and sisters indifferent or too busy in their world, enjoying or wallowing in benefits and comfort they have at home,  muted or removed from realities, pain, and suffering, they are protected by distance.


Is This a Broken or Just Bent Family?

On the reverse of that coin, we have wealth in the family, many offsprings making headway in their lives, building empires, laying down laws, even becoming presidents and important world officials.

These wealthier siblings hold perfect positions to act, turn things around, make good their responsibilities, knowledge, and wealth, share benefits, apply much-needed guidance to their kin.


Enough is Enough

Seeing your family on the other side of the pond or mountain struggling, calling for help, why does this not become a priority, to Mobilize and act, to commit, make a decision born from having empathy or epiphany where he, she or they, urgently need your help?

What Will Be?

Does Knowing, seeing, or awareness does not raise your game, or is it unimportant to you, does your plans mean more than their lives, livelihood, and safety?

Would any of us wearing those shoes make better choices, do the right thing to protect the family of humanity?

What would you do having the power or ability to make a change, to relieve pain and suffering, be a responsible sibling brother or sister, father or mother?


Money, Position, Personal Gain

Does the prospect of benefits dilute your considerations, your humanity, your care to others?

We hear that promotions are good, we also hear that our families those with good bank accounts step forward to assist in times of crisis, we know significant family member celebrities make sacrifices, these include singers, performers, aid groups, social workers, blue and white-collar workers all our families putting their heads down, and noses to the grinding stone, investing their time in hope to give a quality of living,

Ideally to connect the lost ones to Also give weaker siblings hope and better chances to enjoy the life they have in bad times, disabilities, and terminal sickness.


Family Ties

The tree of life does need to be refreshed but not through negligence, ignorance, fighting, alienation, or selfish behavior, instead, let it be from natural causes or acts of God, no act of man!

To Regroup, align by synchronizing our goals because that is what’s going to keep us all alive, the family is all in it, so it’s sink or swim, all for one and one for all, there can be no halfway houses, no sitting on the fence, no non-voting persons in this race, only decision-making and action will secure a better outcome.

Our House

The planet is in great pain, it withstood much in its lifetime, it has had repaired roofs, ground foundation underpinned, walls reinforced, windows replaced with double glazing, it looks good inside but what about the outside, the water, and electrical supplies, the gardens, sheds, trees, its grass is wilting turning brown, the air is polluted and Grey, our animal friends are slowly disappearing, they can’t find their natural habitats, our environment garden is stale and muted.

Help at Hand?

We need to help mother nature with father time help but with haste, not just speed, we need to get the super important aspects of what keeps us all alive, It is a top task on our bucket list, only when they are improved or resolved do we tick the boxes, The wellbeing cheers will be heard on achieving that resolve, targeting a brighter future and happier times, reach out to your family and tell them how important they really are.

Kiss hug, laugh cry, and share the experiences together, the future is all in this family’s hands.


Young and Old

If Everyone plays a part everyone is happy,  commit whatever skills and experiences they have, not expecting, not conditional, everyone is in this dependent circle that binds the team together, to reinforce values, love, affection, inspire, bolster and support, work the good with the bad that is presented to the family, most of all it’s a make it or break together situation.


No amount of cultural difference is proportionate to the benefits or collective threats we face, so put all aside, stand tall hand in hand, dignified, proud, with the strength to promote longevity for the family


Our Home [PLANET EARTH] needs big-time help and how are we going to go about that?

Our very Existence, together with every living thing on the planet is at high risk of Going Extinct

What’s been done about that?

What’s the consensus about awareness, action, and even does the public actually really care, are they just living the now Life and let the future take care of its self?