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Coronavirus china news, today

Work, Play, Signs of Normality in China Sports, Activities, Laughter and Fun! A weekend of sport, activities, jogging, cycling, kite flying, yoga, followed by a nice steak and pizza, one I can’t remember tasted so damn good! I am certain that China’s Aggressive Measures on Coronavirus is showing positive signs   ~Amazon.co.uk Widgets    …

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What is Year of the Pig

 Year Of The Pig Pig is Not Considered as Smart in China. Appearing as eating and sleeping and obesity it is not a favorite sign to promote due to the fact or perception of lazy and clumsy animal. Positively Speaking it behaves itself, plan nothing or harm others, the view it brings affluence to people…

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China Convenience Facilities and Apps For ‘Special Needs’ Kids and Adults

Convenience Facilities and Apps For – Special Needs – In China     China has seen a great change in social understanding and awareness of the needs of the minorities, aged, disabled, needy, Feeble, Pregnant Women and Young children.   These Activities for addressing the question of Humanitarian that they are accused of not Displaying…

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