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Fly to Kyiv Ukraine or Shenzhen China?

SHENZHEN, CHINA – ULTRA MODERN CITY   Preamble: The city of incredible growth and infrastructure, it is said that the Chinese government’s goals on this development of Shenzhen were to overshadow the Hong Kong ”STATUS” of being the ”Hub of Asia” it is also a rumored that a greater plan is afoot to outshine Hong…

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Rude and Hilariously Funny Chinese English Signs

Hello For hell of it here are some transliterations that can be regarded as Rude or hilariously Funny on Chinese English signs   How many times you travel abroad and in bewilderment trying to make out exactly what you are reading as direct conversion between the local language and English, as we know it? And…

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China Places,Travel, Touring and Shenzhen Highlights

INTRODUCTORY: Many people have at one time or another, considered the long trip to The Orientals, Honk Kong and China, thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and others The considerations and fears of cultural and language differences raises many questions and uncertainties on embarking on a long haul flight requiring planning, what to see, where…

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