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Are Rumours on Fake Organics in Chinese Food True?

Introduction This question will always be raised from fear and the unknown. ‘Are Rumors on Fake Organics in Chinese Food true?’ There are many good reasons i might add but it depends on where you eat and how critical and aware you need to be as in any situation, buying out on the streets or…

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What is the Food in China

shenzhen metro Map OK China – Food, Currency, Shelter and friends Excited, Awed, Fearful After UK’s weather it took some adjusting to the temperature and speed of everyday life in Shenzhen!Being the South of china, temperatures can vary in beginning January 65F  up to 88F and down to 67F through to December with thunder storms…

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China- The 9 Year Itch

China Experience The Richest experiences come from traveling, cultural exchanges, social connections, business and conventions, outdoor activities and shared inspiration and information, it is my immersion into this life that has been a real understanding of Asia and its quirky and unorthodox methods as we know it China has always been a location I wanted…

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