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A Trip to China’s Traditional and its Modern Cities

Amazon.co.uk Widgets How to Prepare for a Trip to China, What you need to travel and you’re touring activities, whether short or long holidays it is mega important to have your goals pinned, your family at the ready, the important factors and needs while away from ‘Home’ These steps are crucial for a smoother, healthier…

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Work Culture China

China Embracing Love,Culture,Work and Lifestyle Why Go to China, what’s so Special about China? a question constantly asked of me! Well the answers are not black or white, and it would take more than a article or post to explain even the tip of that question.  However more and more foreigner visitors are not only…

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Are Rumours on Fake Organics in Chinese Food True?

Introduction This question will always be raised from fear and the unknown. ‘Are Rumors on Fake Organics in Chinese Food true?’ There are many good reasons i might add but it depends on where you eat and how critical and aware you need to be as in any situation, buying out on the streets or…

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