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China Modern Coastal Cities

Introduction: China Coastal City    Dedicated to Chinese and China to where they stand now globally. There is no doubt that China is embracing megaprojects at an unprecedented rate and drive. An astonishing capability in developing, propagating, and becoming significant on the World Stage!   With the fixed mindset and relentless passion and/or drive to…

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Shenzhen City in Guangdong China

SHENZHEN CITY Many people have at one time or another, considering the long trip to The Orientals, Honk Kong, and China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and others The considerations and fears of cultural and language differences raise many questions and uncertainties on embarking on a long-haul flight requiring planning, what to see, where…

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Money and China?

Living in China and the quality of life as a visitor or long term traveller has many benefits, simply because we are a wanted source that they feel safe as a tenant, so we are an obvious target for agents and none authorised rental gamer. So be smart and use the knowledge we have called…

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