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How to Quit Your Job to Follow Your Dream to Happiness, as an Entrepreneur

LETS BEGIN   DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL – Study Motivation 2017   Power of the Human Spirit This world with its trials and tribulations, bring out the best and worst in us, however, the unparalleled power of the human spirit, has to be said ” to see is to believe”, it’s remarkable and inspiring, bringing…

By Christopher jones 04/07/2019 4

China- The 9 Year Itch

China Experience The Richest experiences come from traveling, cultural exchanges, social connections, business and conventions, outdoor activities and shared inspiration and information, it is my immersion into this life that has been a real understanding of Asia and its quirky and unorthodox methods as we know it China has always been a location I wanted…

By Christopher jones 23/03/2019 4