Tai chi Workout Beginners

Tai chi Workout Beginners

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Allen Zheng: tai chi classes youtube

To a Great Friend, “protagonist” and Exponent of the philosophy, skill, and culture of Tai Chi

Taichi & Chinese Philosophy: tai chi workout beginners

Tai chi is the Supremacy perused in the ancient Zhouyi culture of China [Zhong guo]

TaiChi the Philosophy

How To Become a Taichi Master

Skill, dedication, state of mind, balance, constant training, Patience, Understanding

Tai chi is a great form of Martial art Allan is a master for several years and teaches in Shenzhen, China,

Allen Zheng

History Brief: Allen Zheng

His Learning stems from boyhood, with idols~ Li Xiao Long, (Bruce li  / Jet li)

Allan’s skills have been influenced by highly skilled and adept grandmasters in the Art of Tai chi over the course of his life learning.

He from early childhood showed great desire and passion to move in this direction, entering competitions around China and in Hong Kong, where he took many titles on that long journey.

Allan Zhang (Aining) is The 13th generation
inheritor of Chen style Taichi,

The Third generation inheritor of Wang xi ‘an
fist method, Martial Arts Sixth Lever.

Social Sports instructor, Shenzhen Taichi Research Society Coach. Head Coach of
Longgang Taichi Association. He’s been fond of martial arts since his

Had learned
martial arts, Boxing, Taekwondo, nunchakus, etc., and then systematically
learned Chen-style Taichi, sword, broadsword, pushing hands, and so on from
Master Geng Jianfeng.

Since joining
the competition has won many first prizes and achieved excellent results from
international martial arts competition.

Allen Thoughts:

That Additionally in China, Tai chi is more than an art or skill it is a Deep cultural Organically grown philosophy of Chinese life, society, ways Family and its traditional values, he also states Chinese medicines of herbs, roots, and natural ingredients are key to the holistic life of Chinese well being and health, with people living well over 100 years old in places, Acupuncture, and understanding of the wider scope and working of the body and mind the ‘Yin Yang effect’ and the balance of our existence.

Allen’s Useful Pointers

Benefits learning Taichi

  • it’s good for all ages and
    the most important to learn Taichi it’s to get benefits for its keep fit
    and mindful within oneself
  • Note
  • it will be good if the
    beginners know some history of this art
  • Some research on google,
    Yahoo, Bing, will provide enough insight into this.
  • Advice Learning Taichi
  • Taichi’s key component is the philosophy of traditional Chinese culture it’s mainly talking about Yin
    and Yang balance
  • Support
  • An encouraging and supporting
    tutor Allen view is that to let more people find enjoyment in getting to
    know Taichi
  • Taichi: learn Tai chi beginners is one that is best started with some understanding of the culture and its art


To better understand and act on promoting your  personal wellness Via QI ~

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Notable Benefits: tai chi workout beginners

Like Taichi, focusing on Qi,  Qigong practice has profound effects on the health of body, mind, spirit, and heart. It improves the Qi flow around the body and Meridian lines helping to prevent illness, Definite improvement to overall wellbeing, health.

This ART regulates and supports the recovery of the mind and body due to illnesses and injuries.

The West in Particular what refers to it as:

1./Medical Qigong and

2./Healing Qigong

Widely used in rehab centers, both addiction, and mental health clinics to bolster the support ”belief system ” raising the healing processes of patients.


Note! : The East and Western Scientific researches found and Confirm:

Reported Experiences:

  • Help with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Prevent injuries from falling
  • Qigong to work on consciousness, emotions, and heart
  • Balance the hormonal systems
  • Regulate the nervous system
  • Strengthen the organs
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve insomnia and sleeping problems
  • Improve headache, chronic pain, asthma
  • Balance and strengthen the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Support cancer treatment
  • Improve the overall quality of life
  • Enhance self-awareness and sensitivity
  • Create a higher sense of wellbeing
  • Reduce anxiety and stress and balance emotions
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase vitality and enhance longevity
  • Improve cardiovascular, respiratory, and lymphatic functions



Tai chi and Qigong promote mental wellbeing. It can be a useful tool to:

Qigong involves the heart, body, mind, and Qi. When they all are in a unified state, true and deep healing can take place. Being in this state can bring more harmony and well-being into people’s lives, the bi-product of this is how it impacts friends and family, With added influence on others we come into contact with, this ”QI positivity” influences us like a network and radiates outward in an addictive effect that infectious ”Laughter” promotes…lol.

QI laughter

QI laughter

Key Features

Qi / Improves mental health and phycological issues

Qi / Draws others to you and benefits everyone’s happiness in life

Qi / Consolidates mind and body connection with innate intuition

With this information you will better understand and act on promoting your  personal wellness I highly


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Social, Traditional, Philosophy, and Culinary Integrity

Traditional Values and Lifestyle is inter-woven in this ideology and philosophy

Chinese Exercise, Taichi was a means of relaxation after hard days out on the farms, not fighting, It was also a means of finding peace and mind with body and mind

Chinese foods are extremely varied being that the country has many provinces, towns, villages that developed their very own local styles and using ingredients specific to that area,

Chinese foods are by that very nature quite healthy and offer good natural ingredients to the body’s needs.

Work and Play is a finite balance that needs daily managing, so exercise is the commitment to keep a ‘yin yang’


Historical Philosophers

The philosophy of and ‘Lao Zi’  and student ‘Cong Zi’ has placed a certain common belief in the Chinese social fabric, Tough, Enduring Persistent, leaving an unseen but reliance on others to make things work together.


Born from Hard work and History

Philosophy, traditions, social expectancy, and the persistence to develop, to grow, and to be more than they are is indicative of the Chinese mindset, they may grab whatever is going, bend the rules to fit, take shortcuts even sacrifice themselves and others to a better end. by no means is this a derogatory statement, it’s my observation of things.


The Art of Martial Arts

Martial arts, Kung fu, Taichi, and similar defensive fighting skills became fighting skills after the true mind and body ideal it was built and set out to achieve was developed and pursued. My mother recently advised me after seeing my blogs and following this taichi master youtube, she sees Allen as an excellent representative of his country, China, and took it further to enroll in lessons to learn the skill and art at the youthful age of 80, well done old girl!


Some Useful reviews and skills for self-defense—–<<< see more>>>>

How to defend against the Big Bully Guys ———<<<< see more>>>



( My overview)

Chinese history of almost 5000 years recorded, is one of the important cultures of all time, the internal fighting north-south divide has been the only real cultural issues other than the cultural revolution or Maozi dong

The Rise of China

Yet we see china that has survived more external attacks defended the British, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese to mention a few, yet the country. The state continues to survive, call it what you will china has an inherent survival mechanism, that over the centuries merged, enhanced, and contributed to the current development and rise of China to a superpower,


Looking at this broadly this Country though regarded as backward, bike riding, rice, and noodle-eating people of whom are predominantly 85% peasant farmers, with simple needs and aspirations, socially controlled by the governing party.


Simple People?

Regarded by the west as simple people, simple standards, Have empowered themselves with smart planning, financial adeptness, commercial viability with drive passion and the need to win manner than any country I know,


Strength In Numbers

The fundamental strength and adhesiveness is these People, simple, guided, directed you would say, but shown incredible resilience, capability and capacity to learn and succeed. In some ways this is indicative of Chinese, This very mindset is applied in taichi and kungfu to win to be number one.