The Internet and Scams in 2020

The Internet and Scams in 2020


With the current Status of the World and its fight against the Coronavirus COV19 Focused on this Possible epidemic

People by natural and unnatural choices are forced to remain home giving rise to severe boredom, Will this be the beginning of Gaming and Hacking or Scamming on a Grand scale?

The Internet and Scams in 2020

Will the gaming Producers and Hardware developers Cling to this as a golden opportunity, new high sales and returning buyers? will prices see a marked leap to Demand and Supply?

If social networks are our only connection socially will this not be an as attractive arena to potential internet Hackers, Scams, leading to cyber Mayhem in 2020 especially as Online group gamers are intensity


Online Games Builds Social Bonding

online experiences and fun



Obtaining millions of users around the World, virtually connecting over the others, by befriending, challenging on a country-specific size even players of all nationality. Currently, online gaming is the No-1 social platform providing major leisure time activities, good times of innovation, and social representation, everyone has a say and a voice the was froward looking us in the face.

Opportunists on Coronavirus Pandemic

world scammers and diviots


It Is Clear to me that the In-Humanity of Humans in any given situation is startling to display its ugly face, When to all intense and purpose is crucial and important period in time to extend a helpful and gracious hand to others worldwide.

What do we have, opportunists, scammers, infiltrators Defiling the warmth that we
would like to feel toward our fellow man.


Scammers and Cheats

These parasites and monkeys don’t deserve a 2nd chance in any practice or activities
they commit on others, we should be treating and leveling the worst punishment
to such low life and scoundrels in our communities.

they care nothing except gaining leverage on others with blackmail and or monies siphoned from hard-working Joe’s accounts.


Types of Offenders

What kind of people are they, the mindset and justification they must have to apply these tactics online this is my question and puzzlement.

  • They certainly are educated to be able to utilize the internet and understand Technologies
  • they may well operate as a syndicate or group or opportunists with specific goals
  • Selecting age groups as targets, working backgrounds, and infrequent users on the internet.

Question to Myself

Don’t they themselves have families and parents that they can identify the repercussions it will have on their lives? they but don’t give a S***T

Coronavirus Status

Many people are now looking to the internet and social media as a means to deflecting boredom but additionally for ideas ad interests that will offer fresh valuable gaming, shopping, and reading in times of crisis, I.e corona-virus.

These Low life Individuals know this and pursue us mercilessly for an easy life or stealing, manipulation and
subversively cheating the helpless, those out there who are new or green to the digital age and pretty much none tech savvied individuals are big targets the internet is the bank for withdrawals and crime worldwide to these Devious individuals

My Recent Close Call

tax refunds

I recently received such an email and one that coincides with my recent
inquiry into HMRC taxes as a foreign national living abroad, My suspicion and
wonder is simply this!

How were they able to connect to my inquiry?

How secure and safe is emailing even though you write directly to a link address [obtained from google to a body like]



I decided to review a link sent to me from a hard copy paper letter I received from HMRC the link they provided, was a Savior and awareness key, I was able to access the site safely

Sample of my Email

scam email for tax refund

Fears for Others

My fear is that many others may not have recognized or even be aware of this
trickster and give crucial information away, You all need to be super aware and not respond to any emails you are unsure, suspicious, or feel uneasy with. Especially when offer to receive payments or refunds, the Alarm bells must start ”ringing” its double-check time, qualify and verifying the situation

tax, pension refunds and info

How to Verify legitimate e-mail

    1. The simplest approach is going directly to the source Site you need to use, never ever click and proceed
    2. If they don’t address you by name there is a fair chance you are being targeted [though this can be assessed by real professional hackers and scammers]

Do Not use Links, Photos, Media’s received

Ignore these provided to you in emails, links to mobile, desktop, or Other devices.

and ignorance will suffer in this hideous scamming process, so be extra vigilant especially in recent months

The Online Volume and presence is astronomical with the recent corona-virus outbreak,

We all may have at one time or another allow our guard to drop due to tiredness, comfort zone, or boredom and that is when you are taken advantage of easily.


To close my view on all this is that the world is going through a huge unprecedented and unplanned change.

Similar to a world war but without the Guns, bombs, and killing Machines instead the silent foe, a more devastating and deadlier adversary This brings then unscrupulous and unpleasant Persons floating to the top Like Turds Be Super aware but not be suppressed by them live life as you know best and keep your mind open in all instances