Things to see China

Things to see China

16/08/2020 0 By christopher

SUMMER IN THE CITY: things to see china

South China’s summer period especially around August is extremely hot what boosts that heat is the number of concrete pavements, social areas, and skyscraper buildings as you can imagine, it’s comparable to walking in a frying pan,

Some benefits of this situation ironically come from rushing to the malls for relief with air conditioners on full blast, I have seen dogs dragging their owners to the entrances to sit in the cool draught bellowing out the doors and not wanting to leave even being dragged along on a lead.

This month in Shenzhen is particularly humid, the only respite from the burning heat is welcomed when the thunder storms appear pouring down heavy rain that swamps the streets and overflows the drains. The lightning and thunder bellowing out sometimes for hours at a time.


MOUNTAIN PARK WALK: things to see china


Plans to climb the mountain in Long-gang park was washed out but again I welcomed the change no wanting to brave the searing heat and uphill climb I was going to endure for a few hours.

Our thoughts were redirected to other less stressful and energetic activities, so we decided to visit a small park via the bus service outside our home, a 20 min journey that covered 4 stops in total. 11:30 we set off walking to the stop we never used, it was a first, as the metro seemed a more appropriate means of transport around Shenzhen, and generally faster over longer distances.

Arriving at the destination park called long yuan [long-shen park/ aka Dragon park] walking to this entrance I was amazed how Chinese in magnificence it appeared, with this incredibly 30 feet dragon at greeting you at the gate, surrounded with as legend states 9 sons all different creatures faces around the base unit. And water sprouting from the dragon’s mouth by way of a fountain display.


DRAGON PARK: things to see china

things to see china

Long-Shen in Chinese history represents ”Han times” political power, something of a higher meaning and godliness, later in history, a sign of strength, This area of long-gang china has a historical link to The dragon is that it is displayed and revered in many ways, squares, parks, museums. And seeing then many styles of the dragon is fascinating to the visitor.

LONG YUAN PARK: things to see china

The Park is perhaps half a mile in diameter, unfortunately, the area that was cordoned off, with some activity afoot, police were hanging around at the water’s edge of the ‘Dan-sui river’ No one knew what it was about but we were hailed back from the other bank as we walked toward a rock formation river crossing.

Taking many photos of the entrance and the dragon Long-Shen we entered and found it instantly intriguing the layout


OLD CULTURE, MODERN STREETS: things to see china

Return on a different route to the bus we took to foot and sauntered around the back streets turning into a lively yet colloquial area like a mini town, narrow streets, crossing over the street we looked over our shoulder and was amazed to see a CIRCUS yes you heard me an Outrageous Building with a Huge Clown’s figurehead 10 feet tall approx atop the building. This figure beaming down at passers-by and the entrance.



We were surprised and enthralled that in this out-of-the-way place here we were facing what looks like a full one block size building specifically set aside for a 2 or 3 stories high Circus arena, perhaps other activities were part of this was hard to say.



The only thing was that everything was closed, locked down, presumably because we assumed part of the government confinement of the Covid-19? Anyway looking around we could see no advertisement of recent or itinerary, so it was as I guess not in use. Pity it would have been great to see a show, though looking worse for wear the inside may have been in better taste and condition.

Outside the entrance concourse was at least 6 defunct food and toys wagons the type you would see at a seaside promenade with ”sliding shutters” pulled down on the (VW) type Vans.


FORK IN THE ROAD CHOICES: things to see china

We took photos and hope that in the future we could make a special trip to be entertained here, just once at least. A choice of direction came again to us a ”FORK IN THE ROAD” go straight or turn left, straight was the decision I made and offer we trundled, just happy to have a day that was cloudy and cool to enjoy whatever was ahead. We found ourselves in another nearby town Shuang-long about 1 mile from our home starting point and a huge Walmart

A short break and shopping for essentials, we went on via back streets again and found our way back near home, the Tianji City shopping mall loomed up at is and this was going to be our eating place for dinner tonight as the time was not close to 18:00.

things to see china


Choosing to Try out a china number 1 hotpot chain of restaurant, Hai Di Lao, we were greeted by friendly and excited hosts before reaching the entrance, guided and discussing the various menus and seating locations we were helped every step of the way by impeccable stewards and waiters, we were not left alone for a minute, a sense of quality service and well-orchestrated management of the staff was evident, then restaurant housed at least 80 patrons, the decor was as expected immaculate and well presented.


KONG-FU AND NOODLES: things to see china

While emerged in our menus and choices, an almighty roar was heard from across the restaurant, clapping an encouragement ensued by staff and customers alike, This activity was brought on by a noodle performance similar to Kong-fu, what happens as was explained to me immediately.


That when you order the restaurant’s special noodle menu, you were presented with a noodle Chef at your table, who then went into this routine that was a fascinating light-hearted happy presentation for the patrons in the restaurant, the instant focus was upon this presentation as the martial arts style cooking preparation began, the video below explains all to enjoy.


CHINESE HOST WAITERS: things to see china

Our Waiter was always at our assistance, nothing too much to ask, we were presented with Aprons, with Monograph on the front, this was to protect your, Giving a sense of care and attention

things to see china

Seeing that I took great interest in the noodle performance he began Inquiring where I was from, finding out I was from the UK, he excitedly rushes off assembled a gift box, and promptly arrived back to give me.

Taking me back a little the least I could do in return was asked to have a photo with him that I could use on my blog about the restaurant, that took him back too!…

lol but he was happy to do that, customer satisfaction was the key with this restaurant I was told.




We were also asked if we wanted a free noodle mean and performance as seen, I elected not to as we had eaten and full to the brim, ‘bao le” However he insisted that with a special VIP card we could claim his benefit whenever we revisited the establishment in the future.

Leaving was just as super as arriving, he escorted us out of the restaurant pointing out to charlie that women s nail room and accessories were available, at the Door we were wished a good day and departed. Now that’s a service above and beyond in any country

A POOL TO COOL DOWN FAST: things to see china

Walking back and discussing the events of the day we agreed it was an uncanny and unexpected collection of unplanned and quality moments, one we place as one of the best enjoyable days since 2019A POOL TO COOLDOWN: things to see china

things to see china

My apartment block has a more than adequate size pool and we have paid a membership that allows use as required

so this evening was a call for such an occasion, to kick back and take the pressure off feet and bones and let the water take the strain.

Of course, coaching Charlie my partner to improve her swimming freestyle and breast strokes. we didn’t get out of the pool until the bell rang for closing at 21:30.

Now that is a perfect finish to the perfect full day!




Route and Locality of Long-Gang Shenzhen China

The Route encircled the local vicinity and a good but valuable experience and exercise activity


Good day to you!