To Be Black And Living In China 2019


To Be Black And Living In China


Many years ago I was deciding to follow my itchy feet to Asia I believe I had to do something different, change the path of current destiny, I got all things at home prepared and said farewell to UK and my home.


UK eastbourne


This was predicated by the love of a woman [yes I know, obvious] still it was and I ran with it together with offer of a job in I.T.


Now Hong Kong seemed an incredible hub and a wealth of activities I found to be interesting due to researching during my trip, after all that’s what going into the unknown was about right?


What I had not considered was in fact the most surprising thing I was about to experience face to face,.. Can you guess what that might be?….. hummm?


Well as you can’t see me it is difficult, just as it was me deciding to go to Asia, so let me enlighten you. I am south-american [Latin America] and brown skinned, I was regarded as a BLACK person?.


So reference to anyone not WHITE was therefore BLACK, no Grey area there [pardon the pun], this was not what I would expect and not that it disturbed or shocked me, what it did do was bring me to a realization how narrow in concept the Chinese actually were with regard to location, geographic representation, creed or color, let me elucidate further!


It was assumed that England or USA only had white people? Africa and India were Black people, there was no other color or creed in the main and from my experiences in 2004 Not so much HK but certainly in Mainland China


HK Island



Time after time I was pointed to or referred to as ”That black man” or ”the Black man over there” I quickly adapted to that appreciating that this was not maliciousness or prejudice just ignorance and uneducated in the main individuals who have never travelled or seen much TV that offers explanation or information on different people and countries, it was either USA, UK, RUSSIA, AFRICA OR INDIA.



I took this on-board not fighting and pressed on, some time later I connected with black friends I was acquainted with, real Africans and African Americans even Afro Asians, who agreed that there was no real differentiation or skin tones except the obvious. Black and white. So I set about a plan to respond to anyone that referred to me as Black by responding in a humorous retort that Chinese are yellow, it worked for me and made them stop, puzzled, smiled and went on their way.



Oolong cha-tea


The significant situations when I became a teacher of English, the first few classes I took were amusing as these were kids of 7 years or there about, who in games or dialogue would refer to me again as the black teacher or to their visiting parents, even friends arriving to school or simply meeting outside in shopping malls or streets. I began to appreciate and understand this was a cultural flaw of knowledge and world awareness even ignorance?.


Year after year I traveled back and forth between china and UK, with each visit I noticed less of this occurrence in the big developing cities, also that I had become accustomed to the thinking and verbal interaction, though my Chinese was not really much more than basic, but being a different and Black Living In China has its benefits where you asked some silly things but curiosity is a positive trait in anyone to me.


I had heard that many Africans had settled in a place called Guangzhou, part of the Guangdong province on the south of Mainland china close to Hong Kong


Canton Pearl River view




With a few friends I decided to go check out this lifestyle and markets for business opportunities, On arrival 2 hrs later we were astonished that GZ really was a place of wide interest, markets or all sorts, factories and an incredible mix of races and creed, from Arabs to Africans Italians Russians, Turks and the list goes on… The Metro were always jammed with people and pretty much all day.



Friends China


Lots of start-ups, small, medium and established business existed. The feeling of suburbia and urbanisation was clear in many areas, trees and avenues like out of an old-fashioned movie.


This area also had an international fair for prospective marketers and buyers seeing products and services, GUANGZHOU CANTON FAIR was a place to be if you want products and make connections with Chinese Manufacturers and companies.


This Fair is held twice per year in April and later October, here you will find all country representatives seeking deals and trading stalls laid out professionally to see by the drove.


In the evening we researched entertainment, bars, clubs, sale parties, house parties, and street parties and shows, this place was a heaving night-life and eatery, also art and craft studios.


The unpleasant thing I personally found was that in the inner city area the air was heavily polluted and after a few days and the weekend I was beginning to wheeze and felt not good, my friends were also complaining of a weird feeling of queasiness difficulty in breathing and runny eyes, so it was a common factor and we needed to get out the city ASAP!




The congregation of Africans Afro Asian and the like, were astonishingly large in this city and they seem to also have control of many clubs, bars with an attitude in places, in all honesty and as a so called ”BLACK ” brother, I was not impressed with this at all


So To Be Black And Living In China has its pros and cons even with other black or minority groups i encountered in China


I do have many African friends, and recall clubbing, having our home parties, even KTV [singing sessions] most of these ladies and gents were pretty direct but upstanding with what they were doing in China.


But have also met many during my time in china, for which i wouldn’t shake a stick at, or engage in long term dialogue, the arrogance and misplaced attitude can be indicative of poor uneducated peasants. Trying to prove that being tough or difficult is cool or controlling and manly.

Sorry guys get a grip and take your heads out your asses



THE GOOD SIDE for Blacks?

Backs are making good too!  this BLACK Guy sings and is a pillar of the community in Guangzhou, another Young BLACK lady is a model and doing well so positive and professional headway is being made too!


China Good side too!



Government in Beijing

Chinese flag


March 2019 Pan Qinglin,member of the [CPPCC] Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference a notable ranking Politician share his proposals on “solving the black population in Guangdong problem” Guangzhou has over the years been a prime destination for Africans, Asians and Afro Asians immigrants to visit participate in business and invariably stay, some unofficially.


In his Dialogue Pan Qinglin,states “Africans have many security risks,” being the [CPPCC] Chinese nation’s important political advisory body, he suggested the government to “We must control Africans residing in Guangdong and other locations.”


Pan Qinglin,statement Proposal:

“Black brothers often travel in droves; they are out at night out on the streets, nightclubs, and remote areas. They engage in drug trafficking, harassment of women, and fighting, which seriously disturbs law and order in Guangzhou… Africans have a high rate of AIDS and the Ebola virus that can be transmitted via body fluids… If this population [continues growing], China will change from a nation-state to an immigration country, a yellow country to a black-and-yellow country.”




China and section of the communities have a fear of “black invasion” drugs, corruption, violence, Mixed marriages and relations, are quietly accepted by the young in the community looking for something new and other foreigners, but resentful and ”looked down-on” by the local government and police, always raiding clubs and shady places constantly.


China will resolve this and eradicate, by all means necessary, to bring their state of quo, ”Blacks” need to find a common ground and become part of the system, the community and not be seen as Devil the unwanted Black that they will be come if changes are not made and a better path in Guangzhou. China will wield the Big hammer and sickle”as they did with the Philippines, and Africans after the Olympics, Visas were recalled and issued with limited staying time.


This made entry and exit a nightmare for everyone the upshot of this is that ”good” blacks working and abiding to the rules will be screwed by those who mindlessly lowered the bar and gave rise to the critical opinion of Blacks in a strict Communist Society.


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  • Todd Matthews says:

    That would really be a peculiar experience, to go into another nation to be branded as something you aren’t. I wouldn’t be turned off by it, either, but definitely would find it strange and a little discomforting. Do you think as the younger population matures, that things like mixed marriages would become more tolerable in the China/Hong Kong region? I can see this happening here in the US, but not sure how the rest of the world would respond. 

    • admin says:

      Todd hi 

      about USA i agree with you, this is a developed country and much has passed in terms of marriages out of race and beliefs, now about HK which was a British ruled colony up until the 90s if memory recalls mixed marriages there was already established and in flow though not excessively. 

      Now china is another thing, from my experiences since arriving there in 2004 it was pretty surprising to see many none natives around so when they were it was something to behold, so marriages are now embraced especially by the elders or Men, but yes the generation now and coming are breaking all the traditional rules and making some of their own MEN, SOCIAL INTERACTIONS, RAVE, AND OUTSPOKENNESS, 

      its all happening though some resistance in then less educated and smaller cities. 

      none natives are preferred to be seen but not really integrated with, though many family see foreigners or a western world developing country person as a target to have marriages for the benefits that lies with that. 

      thanks for the comments 


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