Travel China Guide

Travel China Guide

China Insider Views: Travel China Guide

outside the city


The Idea of backpacking either as a group or indeed singular is at best worrying, not knowing all the facts about your destination, regardless of research for weeks or months

Many of us would be put off just considering a language barrier, cuisine, transportation, or surely health-related issues.

How to what if and how much will it cost especially a destination that is not well regarded for its humane values, or caring factor in society. So how to proceed you may ask?..


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Why Backpack: Travel China Guide

Most importantly, take that step that will transcend what you already So or experienced in life, that established feeling of safety and security.

We all have doubts that need support with facts and substance of one kind or another, but here are the benefits in this plan to action

To Backpack: and be adventurous must come from the strength of character, ability to go the extra mile, be adaptive, or at least have an open or liberal outlook on life and cultures


Suddenly comes complete independence, decision-making, cultural influence and integration, new friends on the way, experiences of places, and unique situations on a daily basis.


Convenience and Costs

Costs traveling and related expenditure is obvious but backpacking allows some flexibility, other than flights, all else is as you choose and find from day to day, like, accommodation in the hostel. Shared living spaces and guest houses, in cases, working and lodgings are possible even in china.


The other factors include eating light or with ridiculous variety especially if in suburban locations. Cities are also oversubscribed with small eateries that have delicious dishes at modest prices.

Convenience is never going to be an issue. Buses and metros are pennies ”yuan or RMB” in this case, for trips covering fair distances


Food Daily Routine: Travel China Guide



some Dumplings,

soup and some fruit salad



rice, pork or chicken stewed,

vegetables, pumpkin or sweet carrot cake, or similar!



noodles stir-fried with various small vegetables,

beef, lamb chili, crispy duck or fish,


Qingdao bottled beer This was enough to keep me more than satisfied



Visiting the local markets and places or interests always proved surprising and during the evening in Chinese urban areas, the dancing begins.

You will find groups in small gardens or open spaces exercising in a variety of ways Yoga, Taiji, traditional dances, Latin combinations, Gong-Fu, modern and pop styles all sharing the available spaces Anyone can join in and several times foreigners are playfully engaged in these activities.

Note though that all this clamor of music is not for the fainthearted, they like to pump up the volume in a kind of competitiveness.



The oriental culture and attitudes to foreigners are one of curiosity, interest, but they are helpful and unassuming, I recall a few times being aided on a Bus or metro because.

I didn’t have the correct change or card to travel and someone stepped in paying and smiling without communication, quite a humbling feeling indeed.

Traveling to China or Asia is a must to understand the essence of this world also to find what you really are able to achieve, most importantly understanding yourself in these environments and communities. I have no regrets about my stay or experiences over the years.

There really is absolutely too much to see, but go make it happen and feel the differences from the western world and our stayed approach to everything we do and confirm to.