Travel Tips for Asia

Travel Tips for Asia

16/08/2021 0 By christopher




  •  “ To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.”
  •  “ Nothing develops intelligence like travel.”
  •  “ One must travel to learn.”
  • “ Traveling is an investment in yourself.”
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As an Early journey to Asia and particularly China, I acquired a substantial range of user experiences that others will no doubt encounter on their first and consecutive travels to East Asia, collectively Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Korea, and China.



Practical Personal Experiences: Travel Tips for Asia

Tips on my trials and language barriers, integrating, adapting to new things every day! is my blog site on all you need to know traveling to Asia
southeast asia travel tips
Passport and Visa renewal
(Chinese Language, culture, values, City Life, Travel)
PSB Services (travel entry and Stay in china)
Border Transfers

SECONDARY: Travel tips China

• Currencies
• Banking and APPS
• Paying for daily Necessaries without Currency
• Apartment Renting and Buying
• Social scene, bars, place of interests, cultural must-see, live shows, opera, and concerts
• WeChat and Alipay for more than Payments
• Trading as a businessman on Ecommerce
• Exporting to the UK
• Negotiating with the Chinese market and Factories Businesses
• Finding Work [ webs sites/ communities/ groups/ WeChat/ Weibo/
• Eating Cheaply with quality
• Attitudes to sharing costs in China (AA)
• Invitations and expectations (business and social)
• Taking Metros and Trains (Bullet trains)/ Ferries
• Hotels and Hostels (Find comfort and style on a budget)
• Chinese Women and Men (relationships with foreigners)
• Friendship with Locals and Natives
• Setting up Office and Business Requirements ( China)
• Staffing and Firing Rules
• National and Labour Holidays (expectation and Traditions)
• Chinese ‘’Guanxi’’

LEGAL: Chinatraveltips

DONTS: political Discussions/ religion/ fighting/ stealing/ drugs/ breaking the law deliberately/ Rushing to help anyone without group assistance/ Accusing, Eliciting Sex, Provocative behavior, Fracas’ or Swearing in Public, drunkenness.
Police Charges are reflective of the value of stolen item or value or injuries to parties
Work without a permit or correct visa or sponsor/ qualification or falsifying documents, Break Contracts

ASIAN COUNTRIES: Southeast Asia travel tips

” Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.”

Are beautiful experiences
Malaysia: Petronas twin towers
Singapore: harbor and China town
Thailand: religious history and architecture
Vietnam: rich social and local traditions
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EAST ASIA (CHINA HONG KONG) Travel Tips for Asia

China biggest East Asia country in both physical size and population. Others include Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan.

Hong Kong Harbour: City, Islands, Disney land Trips, Cable cars, Hover Ferries
Mainland China: Tibet, Great wall, Yellow river, Yanzi river, Terracotta Warriors

ASIA MERCILESS: Asia China travel tips

When you break laws, fight, drugs, womanize, cause political insurrection, or poor comments
Safety in some are also debatable when a lone traveler and at night, Prostitution and being swindled is Virulent and you can easily be robbed even attacked in some situations relating to women, do’s and don’ts in Thailand, as in Mainland China has severe repercussions if ignored

Additionally: Asia China Travel tips

  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry
  • Drink responsibly
  • Be smart about your money
  • Be aware of popular scams.
  • Know the phone number for emergency services.
  • Use the right bag.
  • Bring travel locks and use them.
  • Keep digital copies of important documents.
Asia China travel tips


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I am not here to impress or seek adulation on my past experiences, in fact, I see these tips as profound that even now as you read, travelers and business individuals are falling into, not because they are stupid in the main, but that there are unawares of the variations and regulations that can affect their status as foreigners abroad
I even see it regularly here in China, with a sort of brashness, innocence, or arrogance as an international passport holder who believes their country will protect them in every given circumstance when the heat is on,
That may be the case but the process can be elongated and tiresome, this frustration and unwanted events provide nothing positive and leaves you drained, I can vouge for that. Asia international laws may not help you quickly in crucial situations.
So take this article or blog as inside information that may seem obvious at first but prove super important and useful should you be unfortunate to be faced with of the listed situations that reflect what I described here.
I wish you well and safe traveling.