Was Bruce Lee Born in China?

Was Bruce Lee Born in China?

BRUCE LEE – Kung-Fu Master

Introduction to The Master of Chinese Martial Arts Skill

It is Assumed that the most influential, Charismatic Chinese authority of martial arts’ was born in China, did you also think so? Bruce Lee the Movie Actor, Director, Philosopher, entrepreneur, Hong Kong Street fighter.

Boyish good looks strong mindset and perseverance grew to such astronomical stardom and heralded as a master of self-taught mixed style Kung-fu, finally dies in unusual circumstances.

Chinese hospital California

Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, in Chinese Hospital, San Francisco, CA USA

Early days in Hong Kong

Lee xiao long – AKA -Bruce became respectable martial arts’ contender living and growing up in Hong Kong, having to complete in open air street fights against superior skills and experienced fighters.

He Began to Develop skills that would best put him in a different arena by Mixing his ‘gong fu’ styles, it was some time to gain this and being beaten a few times he focused on his task of becoming better and faster than his competitors, we know finally he did and was a respected street fighter because of his understanding and effectiveness of his skill sets

Most Famous Movie Appearances: Chinese simple clothing Bruce Lee only made 5 movies as a lead action star before his death


1 Enter the Dragon (1973)

2. The Chinese Connection (1972)( best known as Fist of Fury )

3. The Way of the Dragon (1972)

4. The Big Boss (1971)

5. Game of Death (1978)

Enter the dragon

The Others were released posthumously or filled in by supporting ”look a like” Bruce Lee’s

Not Long After many Film makers took advantage of this, like vultures around a corpse, tapping into his famous standing and the BRUCE LEE name.

Thankfully the public were not hoodwinked and all those movies flopped miserably.

Lee Also Appeared in a TV series, and finally a Movie called the Green Hornet, this was a partnership detective style series being the Driver ‘KATO’ and unknown Kung fu partner going out to take on the bad guys and gangsters in USA

10′ Things You didn’t know about Mr Lee:

The Facts: As I know

Lee’s Parents Origins are from South China Mainland

Bruce lee had a Daughter:  Shannon who strives to reveal almost to the brink of financial disaster, to bring her father’s other qualities’ to the public, she also had plans erecting a statue of her Father in the historical birthplace of Bruce’s mother and father in south of China

His Only Son Brandon Lee, died in 1993- age 28. (death by a faulty prop gun on the Crow. Set)


Bruce lee’s iconic yellow jumpsuit and matching nun-chucks went on sale in Hong Kong for a sizable sum

lees ikonic yello and black striped suit


A 2.5 Meter bronze statue crafted by artist Cao Chong-en, commissioned and installed along the Avenue of Stars attraction near the waterfront at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

This is a Perfect Representation of the Man and Myth, though the mainland Chinese government didn’t until the recent years regarded him or even held him high as a son of china and his achievements at home and internationally Bruce lee’s last place of rest is at Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery USA country of birth and departed place

Bruce lee’s Incredible Technique and unique attributes has given the rise to many new sports in cooperating mixed styles, cage boxing and mixed martial arts contests Globally

This post offers an insight into the Man, Myth and Mystery of Bruce Lee, regarded and Accepted as a Master of  his Domain and Iconic life figure and legacy

Was Bruce lee acclaimed for his achievement by china?

was or not


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