What is the Coronavirus in China

What is the Coronavirus in China

China and the World Coronavirus


The recent discovery and Global awareness for this Coronavirus has given the world organization greave concerns, why? well after research of measures and preparations in countries globally it was discovered that they were all short of a completed plan and resolution to manage, restrain and contain what would be called epidemic or pandemic that occur.?

Measures that should have been put in place to reduce this or create a safe guard net does not really exist.

Other Serious Viruses :

Commonalities and how they differ.

This New Strain of the Corona-virus Tagged:

2019- Cov-19

Discovered recently 2019 December in China. This strain of the Viruses in the corona virus category may at first cause fever, breathing difficulties, pneumonia and diarrhea. Some are potentially fatal. Others give a mild common cold symptom

Understood to be caused by animals infected with the virus, in particular Snakes this is a serious virus that has the potential to subdue many and worldwide if not contained and remedied


Here in China the frustration and fear of families with children second to none, families knowing or believing they have this virus, In WUHAN

Public Transport In Wuhan Suspended Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Families Are unable to remove their children from the fallout as blockages on leaving the city is in place. So that does that leave the uninfected?


Based on previous MERS AND SARS outbreaks it is gauged that some Coronavirus can take up to 9 days on Surfaces.

China banking establishments are considering deep cleaning to the extent of even destroying cash, due to heightened fears of the new coronavirus potential life-cycle and survival on the surface of money will spread,  CNN reports.

Guarantees or exact facts on life r the virus is not clear its all educated guess and historical comparison on MERS AND SARS


Expat in Shenzhen

South of china but with a few reported cases of infected individuals arriving from inner china has caused a stir and huge concerns, metros, buses, trains and planes are implementing serious checks with metered body heat checks, also disinfecting on a grand scale is common here.

Families are warned to stay at home wherever they can and be vigil to cleanliness and well being

masks are sold out in shops and just about everywhere [though not heavily populated currently due to the Chinese holiday period] mask are in plain view everywhere you go.

Chinese have now been advised that the holiday period is now extended to the 2nd Feb in respect of this troubled situation it seems



International reports have also suggested and states that the virus has already impregnated other countries, USA, FRANCE, EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, MALAYSIA AND SINGAPORE, HONG KONG of course being one of the most likely location has only recently reported some cases.

2 New U.S. Cases Of Wuhan Coronavirus Confirmed In CaliforniaCoronavirus Update: What’s New In The Evolving OutbreakCoronavirus Case Confirmed In Arizona, Bringing U.S. Total To 5




Various Types of Masks are in use in China but many are not up to that task and serve no real purpose except t reduce dust and cigarette smoke

I Suggest You are Cautious Buying the Appropriate Types

Suggested Masks Types Best Designed to Protect your Health

The Seriousness of this Virus is not Fully Understood  So:

Do not be complacent with this viral storm that is coming make preparations now ladies and gents


Update at 29th Jan 2020

Instances of hospitalized patients have been found to be recovering in Wuhan and Hebei, This is of course good news,

but needs to be progressed quickly and more effectively in other areas,

then drug or cure treatment is not yet been released for me to write about

Corona-virus update Jan 30th 2020

Instances of hospitalized patients have been found to be recovering in Wuhan and Hebei, This is of course good news, but needs to be progressed quickly and more effectively in other areas, then drug or cure treatment is not yet been released for me to write about

Recent BBC Article 30th Jan

Confirmed corona virus cases in all China regions

The death toll now stands at 170, with more than 7,700 cases confirmed in China.

How is China handling the outbreak?

Although questions have been raised about transparency, the WHO has praised China’s handling of the outbreak.

President Xi Jinping has vowed to defeat what he called a “devil” virus.

The central province of Hubei, where nearly all deaths have occurred, is in a state of lock-down. The province of 60 million people be home to Wuhan, the heart of the outbreak.

The city has effectively been sealed off and China has put numerous transport restrictions in place to curb the spread of the virus.


It is confirmed that all provinces of china has been infected including



The World Health Organization [WHO] warns the virus holds the potential for a much larger outbreak

https://www.bbc.com/news/topics/cyz0z8w0ydwt/corona virus-outbreak

The Chinese Government are aware of the impact of this infection more so because they are currently building 2 new from the ground, these are special hospitals to support the outbreak in Wuhan. This project is paramount and the race is on to complete these buildings ASAP!

The Xizang famous singer Hang Hong, has raised millions of RMB funds to assist this disaster, she has already completed the first needed supplies to Wuhan with visible accountability of the received funds from other business, superstars and so forth.

read more here <<https://abcofcbdoil.com>>

THINGS are progressively developing and as I see and hear here in china [with translation] the situation is escalating to an alarming level



Be happy and safe in business and life