What is The Food in China

What is The Food in China


Chinese Food is regarded as the most varied cuisine in the world, this is evident from the simple fact of Cultural minorities, provinces, cities, town and village creating their own simple foods which is determined by the produce at their disposal


In the north of china you find more red meat and poultry eating and jiaozi [dumplins] rice, soups, in the south, vegetables, fish, sweeter sorts and soups with mixed blessings.


However as foreigners with not strong constitution for new things, especially hot and spicy, it can cause problems over a longer visit or living,

Note: Chinese foods also have very good remedial fixs to sickness like blood pressure, aches and pains, sleepless, insomnia, Tea is a great support to many problems, red bean, vegetables and fruits.


What Is The Food in China

This question will always be raised from fear and the unknown. ‘Are Rumours on Fake Organics in Chinese Food true, homegrown or home made concerns

There are many good reasons where you may feel uneasy i might add, but it depends on where you eat and how critical and aware you need to be as in any situation, buying out on the streets or a small side cafe or restaurant will offer more chances of such problems

The bigger and more city type establishments in Malls are likely to be under stricter rules.  just be aware and apply good sense.

Fears and Eating Places

Many including myself several years ago, had doubts and reservations on Trip to China some of these questions may arise in Many people’s minds:

Should I take my survival kit and will i be protected for most common infections and stomach illnesses?

Is Chinese Food Healthy to Eat?

What about Salt [sodium content ] is it really authentic style, taste and spices?

Are Rumours on Fake organics in Chinese food true?

Will my stomach deal with this stuff?

We can go on and on fuelling the fire of uncertainties that can be the downfall of actually travelling anywhere let alone China or Asia

From my personal experiences, and i am still alive and healthy and kicking Still years later to tell the tale,[touch wood!] you didn’t see me do that right, OMG!

What is more important is making sure don’t make a habit of eating out at stalls and crude shopping centres offering foods in market like halls. Of course trying out snacks with the locals is fascinating and interactive to see foreigners, chewing on a chicken wing or contemplating some spicy meats on a stick, this approach is exciting and attractive.

Some cities and provinces are less likely to give you stomach upsets or bugs due to cleanliness and preparation, and my recent trip in 2018 for 8 months i noticed many eateries are now showing the kitchen area through a transparent glass window. Alternatively TV screens place Comfortably in the dining areas so that the kitchen can be viewed.

Like everything in life you need to Gauge the situation for yourself and make decisions if its good for you or not. Beijing, shanghai, Guilin, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Hong Kong etc…

Windows of the world

hong kong

Hong Kong harbour


Some years ago it was in the news and some fuss about third grade reusable oil being used in Some Chinese cities, what became of it was it just a rumour?

In the news always seems to be something about china! As i see it China is in for a good pounding from the international community, especially from USA with Mr Bad-ass Trump.!

Is it possible to make substitute foods  and what are Chinese Government position and punishments on offenders?

Is it a particular Province that this was happened?

Dispelling Rumours: Organics from China



Which countries in the world can truly say they haven’t Endured similar Accusations Criticisms and Rumours?

world flags





Global on GM Food’s


Chinese Cities and Provinces

Native Quality and local Cuisine and International

green tea wraps with goats cheese

green tea wraps with goats cheese


greens fusion

greens fusion

Great cusines north and south China styles

Great cuisines north and south China styles

Healthiest Chinese Food: According to Dietitians

Internationally: Recognised healthy Chinese foods

food glorious food

Food Glorious Food


Shrimp and Vegetables With Black Bean Sauce. …

Beef and Broccoli.

Mixed Vegetables.

Extra Vegetables.

Moo Shu Vegetables

Moo Shu Chicken.

Steamed Dumplings.

A Small Soup.

Chinese Eggplant With Garlic Sauce.



Be smart be aware and eat in bigger establishments to be safer! Are Rumours on Fake Organics in Chinese Food true? it is difficult to say! just ensure you visit he larger and cleaner looking restaurants, also with friends as you are better looked after they know the ‘NO GO’ places

Cities are obviously likely to be under video cameras in kitchen and more governmental control as i see it here in Shenzhen where i live the majority of the time,

however when i go to Hong Kong i still find myself being watchful and careful as over there you have dubious places if you try all and sundry,so rule of thumb, check it out see the environment then decide but go for larger malls and shopping centre’s



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Well being, Healthy lifestyle and eating well will you practice this?

Is China now a more interesting possible destination?




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