Why Live in Hope

Why Live in Hope

Do You Know Where the Gambia is located

”Officially the Republic of The Gambia, A West African Country. Noted as the smallest in mainland Africa, and encircled by Senegal, except for its western coast facing the Atlantic Ocean”

measuring less than 30 miles wide at its widest! And narrow mostly, A densely Populated Area the country boasting around 2.28 million people. We can appreciate and compare it to the county of Yorkshire in England, As a former British colony, English is widely spoken.


The Gambia Relies Mainly on Tourism and Agriculture

Its Secondary revenue comes in from groundnuts crops. This Sector employs approximately 80% of its citizen’s people, this type of farming supports the country in a subsistence aspect than you would expect to the alternative commercial enterprising option

”Subsistence farming is a system of farming is designed to providing for the needs of the farmer and his family and produced in smaller areas only,


Poverty Stricken Farmers: Living on a Prayer

Widespread Poverty exists in this small country and the poorest in Africa. With Little diversity for economic growth, Sets it apart from many countries and Volatile Food prices Gambia’s rainfall is unreliable and causes much of the country s poverty problems. Additionally with a birth rate of 4 to every woman this heightens the survival struggles and stretches the already depleted resources available.


why Live in Hope

Bakau Crocodiles

Bakau is known to travellers for its botanical gardens, Pool for crocodiles, Bakau, Kachikally.

Situated off the Atlantic coast of Gambia a protected safe place for kept crocks

A tourist attraction and nature reserve, so these creatures are in a good place to not be hunted and depleted

A Muslim Majority Country

The Celebration festival of Ramadan occurs annually, over this period a 1month fasting is demonstrated

Mothers Movement Drive

Mothers are pushing for better lives and education for their kids, things they themselves have not had the opportunities to attain, through social and political upheavals, rivalry and inequality.

If you wish to help in any way, review and decide here ===> Mothers Initiative  >>

My [Chris] discussion with a teenager whose responsibilities include carrying the family’s lives and hopes.



Gibril Jallow

First of all, I’m Gibbril Jallow from The Gambia West Africa Yes, maybe you already heard, Poverty children Africa that is what we are. I am Happy to know you all My family you can see below, What is your opinion of us?

Family Photo Collection

Brothers, Sister and Mother

My Daily life 

I’m a boy who take care of my family siblings and mum, we lost our father years back, I’m student but I’m out of school due to my situation belonging to the difficulties of life, but, anyway I still keep hope and faith as life is concerned

Dependent Family

We are 5 siblings at home we are all young and I’m the eldest of the family group, the things that I do to survive is to go into the dangerous forest and find firewood, I sell it so that we can have some cups of rice and little vegetables,

Me Chris (Conversation)

Gabriel, Can you tell me how you manage to use the internet in the Gambia?

Then tell me about your father, what was he like, did he keep the family together, was the family close, what happened to your dad, How about your mother?


I want to know about your siblings and situation in the Gambia. What are their names, boys, girls, ages, are they at school, your school is far? you are not in school now why?


Do you have relatives nearby, do they assist your mother, and family describe your terrain and home

what do you and siblings do for fun, what does your mum do to relax not just work?


Gabriel: Yesterday 9:24 PM

A./ Well my brother every human beings want to meet with a good person in his/her life, as a needy family like us, I meet with peoples like you I will always try to be Honest to you.

Honestly we have been suffering for so long, after loss our lovely father who was responsible for our family survival.


Father Left Family

My father was suffering a sickness call sugaring, Have you heard of this? Now we don’t have anyone who will help us, we take him to the hospital so we look after him like that until he died.

Sugar Disease is a problem that manifests in different ways in different individuals, of different ages and of different genetic susceptibility-but its three cardinal forms are:

  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Syndrome X
  • Diabetes

Why call it “Sugar Disease”? The term Sugar Disease is a convenient catch-all for a host of modern conditions that result from an unbridled intake of sugar or refined carbohydrates coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.

RIP Good Father

Yes my father keep us in motivation and he like us as well he always struggles hard to feed us by going like me now into the forest to collect find firewood and sell it, but now only me do this but the coronavirus has now even stopped this activity.

My Daily Work

We manage by me fetching some dry ‘cooking’ wood from the forest and walk back to the village, I sell it for a living, sadly, at the moment the government have announced that no one should go out due to this pandemic, so at the moment nothing is happening here. It is really not a good time, what more can we have to suffer.

The Eldest Brother

Well, I have 3 younger brothers and one little sister, The names is Sulayman, Babucarr, Abdourahim and little sister is Isatou, their ages are 17,14,11,9,and I’m in 19 years old as the elder of the family.

Poor Neighbours

Yes, we have neighbours, but they are also poor like us and we are all indeed of help, we are far way from the school too, and it takes 30 miles from home to to travel to school, the reason why I’m out of school is because since I lose my father life come harder and my family I cannot afford lunch all the time.

Typical Gambian Families

Hope and Prayer

I sake for help, Sadly and slowly our store is empty, no foods and I’m very upset and worry how God will help me to support us, Any help we can get will be a better life, we are really indeed of support.


Well I usually connect to a friend’s phone to communicate and have internet data but its really hard for me to get this often, I can use WhatsApp there we can have some communication when possible.

Will we get any help from our situation I wonder and hope so, Soon.

I know you will write about our situation, and I thank you, Chris.


The Gambia Historically the Centre for Trading of Slaves

Previously named James Island, Kunte Kinte Island, was the point of slave exporting in the early days of trading, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today we are still witnessing food and life-threatening issues, when and how can we continue to let this continue with so much resources going to waste in other mass-producing countries.

Much is being done but it is not enough, it is by far pity full to see a life lost when it doesn’t need to. Instead of seeking to find weaknesses, in other countries focus and redirect more efforts in supporting where natural imbalances exists, these are the real faults needing 100% assistance and support.