Woman Black Author, From Poverty to Heady Heights

Woman Black Author, From Poverty to Heady Heights

Carolina Maria De Jesus

Carolina maria de jesus

Born Brazil (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)


Carolina Maria de Jesus (14 March 1914[1] – 13 February 1977)[2] was a Brazilian writer who lived most of her life in a favela (slums) of São Paulo, Brazil. She is best known for her diary, which was first published as Quarto de Despejo (Dumping Room, published in English as Child of the Dark) in August 1960, after coming to the attention of a Brazilian journalist, and became a bestseller. This work remains the only document published in English by a Brazilian slum-dweller from that period


Climbing what appeared a mountainous task, ascended out of poverty, this woman and black author, now acclaimed writer reached Heady Heights

Born in poverty, (in Minas Gerais,) deprivation and a fragmented young life Maria has shown the spirit of life and humanity, its unsuppressable and driven capacity to overcome difficulties beyond comprehension


At the age of seven Carolina was forced her mother to attend school after a wealthy landowner wife paid for her, as well as other poor black children in the neighborhood. She stopped attending school by the second grade, though she went long enough to learn how to read and write


Carolina Maria de Jesus can be reasoned and explained from the lives and experiences of here 3 children Vera Eunice, José Carlos (Zé Carlos), and João José. The book entitled The Life and Death of Maria de Jesus provided vital information about the character of Carolina through interviews from both her second eldest son Zé and her daughter Vera.


This is a Brief insight into her tough life and existence from a no-body to acclaimed writer that moved the publishing establishment and public who read here writings with her heart rendering reality and well graphically detailed life story




This Particular Classic and best-seller will move anyone with a heart of is human

Child of the Dark:

The Diary of Carolina Maria de Jesus



Child of the Dark Maria de Jesus