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China Embracing Love,Culture, Work and Lifestyle

Why go to china, whats so Special about China? a question constantly asked of me! Well the answers are not black or white, and it would take more than a article or post to explain even the tip of that question.  However more and more foreigner visitors are not only visiting China, they are in fact taking job posts in companies Setting up businesses


Investing in trade and e-commerce, marrying Chinese Nationals and residing in china for Life! this turn of events can be levelled at one of a few things

  • prospects are better than home,
  • lifestyle suits the needs and social expectations,
  • normal international social expectations and framework is not enough
  • freedom to choose and initiate with less criteria born from predetermined ideas
  • its not what you know it’s who you know syndrome
  • utilising introvert personal characteristics in a society that seeks attention.
  • being an opportunist and readiness to act


New areas of business

Business areas

What is clear to me is that the opportunities and possibilities for, non age limitations,, stereo typing, none gender focused, none colour or creed exceptions at least, since my last trip in 2018, why?

Chinese are smart, they appreciate that age, brings experiences quality and social values, male or female is not differentiated instead regarded in the work place as equal, in pay is same, colour and Creed was not so openly accepted, however none native speakers and global cultures as skilled men and women are accepted into many companies and business

Work: Jobs

Finding work is of course dependent on your specific area of trade and skills, lets suppose a teaching position, there are many in international and state schools, applying is not a problem but you may be required to provide some relevant certification or Degree, these recent years it has become more of a question.

photography and advertising photo shoots


however experience is big plus and by demonstrating your abilities, chances to be selected are high, and be trained during your contract period, these days the choices are more obvious and exciting with the right attitude, acting, engineering, hosting, radio and TV, sports teaching gym instructors, internet web design and software , games and payment services, import and export the list goes on.,




New Business Ventures:

Even to start your own business, you can pop over to Hong Kong, open a company, and begin after deciding if it is operating from a tax point in China, Hong Kong or indeed your Country:

Visas: Application Recommendations

Apply in your country of residence gets you longer stay as i did in UK  [2 year standard touring 90 day entry/exit] or arrive to Port of China and get same day 1 month entry, followed by applying for extension at the local Visa [PSB] offices in Cities.

work visa

work and residence visa

New types of visas are: Business, Work and Resident Visa, to Tourist as mentioned Type visas. It depends on your specific requirements each needing supporting documents respectively.





Obvious – Opportunities:

Teaching English or a foreign language was never open to none natives to seek posts, now a British/ American, Canadian teachers can teach German, Ukrainians or Russian can teach English, a Frenchman can teach Portuguese or Italian, and so forth, so diversity is in place and growing constantly, this makes negotiating prices lower and quality of choice is better from their perspective.


traveling friends

expats friends Ukrainian, Singaporean, UK

To take action, have balls and drive to succeed makes you a commodity for business and social standing. Respect, tenacity,open mindedness and expressive personality puts you on the higher rankings in such a society, that pushes forward endlessly to make a better life, money, position and possibility or international travel.


Now as a foreigner this already gives you the edge, to arrive be confident and never back down facing a tough adversary in business, In social scenarios and settings the ability to show leadership, composure , understanding and intelligence elevates you to be accepted and seen as a person of quality and a knowledgeable foreigner to be reckoned with.

Life in China:

My richness of travel came from living, loving and working in china, connections gained from this integration into the immediate surroundings, like dancing within community evenings, initiating discussions in English open corners in gardens and parks, inviting students and families to your home chat parties, visiting and accepting their invitations to dinner or a special occasion like Moon cake day, labour holiday, children’s parties and KTV offerings, to make them seem important and appreciated form the eyes of a foreigner, to bolster them when they attempt to speak English or make a joke, invite to plan sports like ping pong, tennis, badminton, are all then building blocks to networking and being part of the community?

Eating In and Out

Many times you will find yourself being invited to one dinner or another, accept and entertain, they love to be entertained with stories of your background or home country, customs, lifestyle, schooling and daily routines of families, they seek to learn and compare their circumstances to yours.

Chinese hot stewed-lamb

great mixed cuisine

In cases where you are invited to someone’s home, it is invariably to show you their cultural warmth from a family aspect to display capabilities to host and be good at it in your eyes, proud to display cuisine varieties not less important to imbue on you that you are super special and they value your opinion on what is being displayed to you. If kids are involved for good kind words regarding how they behave and their intelligence in learning.



modern are in the streets and relaxing market areas

Chinese women from my experiences are subtle, attentive and look to you for a lead in all that you do with them, they accept that that as a foreigner you re cultivated, passionate, caring and a gentleman, your being with them is something of a awe, they are happy to do everything to please and support your goals in china, family and more


Love trials

then Downside to this is years or even centuries of suppression of communism, brings an explosiveness in many of their quarrels, and this is not eminent in the early days of relationship but as it extends this inner suppression begins to show as moments of disagreements and unhappiness appears and they are no always aware of this until it occurs



Don’t misunderstand my words or meaning, its not a Jeckle & Hyde situation but can develop into one, i put this down to a complete acceptance of emotional and physical love and belief in their man, so when it changes ”goes wrong” then watch out for pans, pots and even sharp objects sailing through the air towards you, from friends and husbands [foreign] this is a normal occurrence. so stay good be good and all’s good? Ha! ha!


By and large the experience is one to consider and act on if you are experimental and a true traveler wanting to see the word of Asia!


kite flying

free-time/ pastime cultural activities











I hope this Post has been of particular cultural interest and you can be energised to go see China it is certainly worth Effort and respectable costs.


It would also be great to hear from you about any other ideas or questions or suggestions

in the comments section below:



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